"BSI is the best in production and creative development services. We've worked with them for over six years on our annual event of over 18,000 participants. Each year our event is more successful than the previous - and always within budget!"

Production Services

Quality audio, lighting, video, and staging services with a custom design for any event. Our staff has the experience and technical knowledge needed for a successful event, and is comprised of production management, audio engineers, lighting designers, video technicians, carpenters, and stage-hands.

Event Pre-Planning & Creative Development

BSI Production brings our clients’ brand to life through a creative development process. We help our clients’ translate ideas into full design concepts for a successful event.

On-Site Execution & Production Management

BSI Production executes our clients’ events flawlessly and within budget. We oversee the entire process – from pre- to post-production and beyond – including organizing logistics and managing labor and other resources.

A Few of Our Clients